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Zambia's 1st real estate investment portal where investors can find real estate opportunities that are discreet and not available to the general public.

Exclusive Investments
Members can access real estate investment opportunities that are discreet, and exclusive to the club - not available anywhere else.
Membership Perks
Enjoy perks and discounts from some of Zambia's premier businesses, including flights, car hire, restaurants and hotel/lodge accommodation.
Flexible Membership
Join the club as an individual or company. Company membership can provide access for up to 5 individual members.

Discreet Real Estate and Business Opportunities

Discreet VIP listings include prime vacant land, business investment opportunities, agriculture investments, tourism opportunities, and much more.

All of the listings within the VIP Investment Club are exclusive and discreet. This means that you will not find these opportunities anywhere else.

The reason for this is quite often an establishment wants to sell, but they do not want to risk future business by advertising the sale to the general public.

VIP club members have exclusive access to these listings along with detailed financial information, profit and loss, with even more information at hand should it be requested.

Only the best properties and business opportunities are curated for this site, ensuring high quality and premium investments for members.

Operated by Homenet Zambia who have been in operation for 30 years
and are leading Zambia’s Real Estate sector.


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We have packages to suit individual investors as well as corporate membership.

Covering The Whole of Zambia

With properties, investments, and opportunities throughout Zambia, including the most desired tourism areas, the big cities, and the heart of the country's agricultural areas.

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Why List Your Property With The VIP Investment Club?

All of our VIP Club listings are only available to members of the club. Each member is vetted and required to sign strict non-disclosure agreements.

In addition, each member is an active investor looking for opportunities, so any enquiries regarding your property will come from serious buyers only.

Because your listings are behind the paywall of the VIP Investment Club, they will not be seen by the general public. This is ideal for any sellers who do not want it to be public knowledge that their business or property is for sale.

Full discretion guaranteed.

Want to Know More?

Why not send us a message with your questions or details on how to sign up to the VIP Investment Club, or how to list your property with us.

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By joining the club you will be given a club membership card and a unique club membership number.

This card will give you access to all of our partner discounts including flights, car hire, lodges and hotels.

You will also be issued a login to the hidden part of our website. Here you will be able to browse listings, select favourites, choose viewing times, and liaise with one of our agents responsible for the listing.

If you want any advise on any specific property or investment sector, your membership gives you access to free consultations and advice.

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